I lived in the USA for 10 years and saw MANY incredible live shows. I would have to say your’s is one of the VERY Very VERY best of any performer EVER. Your attention to every minut detail was brilliant.

How I wish there had been 1,000,000 Aussies there to support and enjoy your performance. I feel that perhaps there are STILL many who have no idea who you are and just how fantastically amazing you are. I have a son about your age. I wish to congratulate you on following your dream and allowing the LOVE of music and Michael Jackson to be a gift you share with the world.

I am taking inspirational upliftment from being in your company. That I too will find what it takes to share my (yet to be uncovered) gifts with the world as well.
May your life be BLESSED with EVERY GOOD FORTUNE. YOU are in truly wonderful example to the world of WHAT IS POSSIBLE.

An honor to have been in your so talented company and that of all your dancers. Your ability to hold and deliver such HIGH SUSTAINED ENERGY during your performance and your team, I also wish to acknowledge the brilliance and what it takes to do that. You are a MASTER at your craft! EVERY performer in the world, anyone who stands before an audience could learn from you on this one.

When I left your performance I knew I would write. Not because you need anyone telling you how good you really are, because I feel you already know this, but to thank you for being you and shining your light so bright, that once we meet you….we will NEVER forget you and the effect you had on us for the time we shared.

I wasn’t even sure your nationality, and was stunned to see your an aussie too from Melbourne, my home town. I would love my grown children to have the opportunity to see you perform sometime. They currently live in Melbourne. Perhaps you can direct me to where and when you are performing, so I can treat them to the experience of you sometime.
In deepest gratitude”.