Wow, this time last week we were already at the Athenaeum Theatre setting up for our biggest show of the year! How time flies! I haven’t even had time to officially express my gratitude to everybody who worked on the show and attended. So here we go…


Firstly to my dancers and musicians who have stuck by me through all these years and have believed in this show from the start. You guys rock and your loyalty means the world! We have created something very special and each and every one of you deserved to be on that stage.

To all the crew members, stage hands, sound and lighting, in particularly Glenn Falloon at Chrome Productions. You have had an enormous impact on shaping this show and your dedication and passion for it is most appreciated.

Thanks to the staff and crew at the Athenaeum Theatre for assisting my team and allowing us to perform in such an iconic theatre in the city of Melbourne.

Lastly thank YOU … the audience that attended last Saturday night. There would be no show without you and the fact that we completely SOLD OUT, still blows my mind. The love in that room was really special. It’s amazing how emotional and life changing a tribute show can be to some people. The amount of emails and messages I have received from people expressing how this show deeply moved them… it honestly chokes me up.

Not to mention the amount of children that attended in costume, dancing away and singing along with me in full Michael Jackson spirit. CRAZY! There is seriously something magical about MJ that the younger generation are drawn to and its just amazing that they are discovering true talent.
Michael Jackson really was one of a kind! I am thankful to have been born in a time where music and entertainment was truly at its best.
There will never be another… Thank you Michael…
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